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Rockets and Rebels, e-bok
Rockets and Rebels, e-bok

Rockets and Rebels, e-bok

This brand strategy book is a carefully curated collection of the best brand-thinking over the last decade or so, adapted specifically for our time. Use it to position your brand and to stand out amongst the competition. Give your brand a personality people can identify with. Give folks good reason to stay loyal, and to support and cheer on your brand s next project. Strong brands are more profitable, attract the best talent, and are highly valued. This book is a toolbox for everyone who sees the value of digging a little deeper, to aim much higher.

Monna Nordhagen is Nordic Strategy Director of Scandinavian Design Group, serial entrepreneur and voracious reader. She holds an MBA from the Norwegian Business School BI and has more than three decades worth of experience within business strategy, brand building, sales and management. Monna is also a highly sought after presenter with a passion for innovation, brands and entrepreneurship, speaking regularly at conferences and events.

Kirsti Rogne has worked with international brands in the intersecting fields of marketing and communication for well over a decade; including as a Client Director and Copywriter for Scandinavian Design Group. She holds a post graduate degree in English from the University of Oslo and currently works as a freelance writer, lecturer and translator.

"The book is both easy to understand and complex at the same time, just like brands are."
Pär Ekroth, Head of Global Brands, Schibsted