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Radical Innovation, e-bok
Radical Innovation, e-bok

Radical Innovation, e-bok
Everybody can if they know how

This book offers a complete guide to how organizations can build a well working radical innovation muscle. The author differentiates between incremental and radical innovation, focusing on the radical side, which is where most companies fail. Radical innovation is breaking with the development pattern of the present value creation and finding a completely new direction.

Tverlid has spent several decades working deeply into the subject area from various perspectives in large companies, including Equinor. This book sums up the knowledge he has gained from this journey in a story-like format, emphasizing the importance of taking a systematic approach to radical innovation.

It is meant to be a handbook for the generation of radical innovation. The step-by-step method allows a company to almost organically reproduce radical concepts while keeping the budget at a really reasonable level. The effort will remain modest while the effect, on the contrary, will soon be quite visible throughout the company and beyond. Although the model is built on a company structure, the basic radical innovation principles can be valuable for smaller informal groups and individuals.

Steinar Wasa Tverlid holds a PhD on aluminum extrusion from NTNU and currently leads a Radical Innovation Team at Equinor.