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Of Course You Can
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Of Course You Can

Of Course You Can
An English Language Course for Teachers

Learning a language is a never-ending story. Concepts and idioms that were commonplace just a few decades ago may have disappeared, while others have taken their place. In this sense, languages are living, complex structures. How does this affect the English classroom?

This book provides an updated account for teachers of English as a foreign language, and presents key aspects of grammar and phonetics, different varieties of English, and useful learners activities.

Main points:

  • an introduction to the most important aspects of English
  • grammar and phonetics
  • comparisons between Norwegian and English grammar and phonetics
  • the importance of grammar and phonetics in communication
  • problem areas in language learning and teaching
  • suggestions for classroom activities
  • test-yourself exercises and sound material online: https://ofcourseyoucan.app.fagbokforlaget.no/


Of Course You Can is primarily intended for teachers who are taking Kompetanse for kvalitet (KFK) courses in English. KFK participants already have valuable experience and understanding of what teaching English to young learners involves. This book aims to acknowledge, strengthen and build on that foundation.

Desmond McGarrighan is a lecturer at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Høgskulen på Vestlandet). He has many years of experience from lower and upper secondary school, college and university. McGarrighan has wri en several textbooks and online courses in the subject of English, as well as a concise book on Norwegian grammar.

Kåre Per Nitter Rugesæter is a senior lecturer at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Høgskulen på Vestlandet). He has been involved in teacher training for many years, and has been a lecturer at the University of Newcastle as well as director of the Norwegian Study Centre in Great Britain.

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