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Norwegian Grammar Dictionary
Norwegian Grammar Dictionary

Norwegian Grammar Dictionary
Second edition - with exercises

This Norwegian Grammar Dictionary is just that a description of grammar points in dictionary format. Using years of classroom experience, the authors have identified the most common frustrations that students have with grammar use. This book grew out of the need for students to have, at their fingertips, a comprehensive explanation of the most difficult grammar concepts in an easy-to-read and understandable dictionary format. Simply identify the word you are having problems with and look it up, alphabetically. With this book s unique format you will find, not just examples of use (as simple grammar books give), or a simple definition (as simple dictionaries give), but also detailed dictionary definitions, rules of use, all possible conjugated endings, multiple examples, idiomatic phrases, detailed notes of use, and even warnings of how not to use the word improperly.

Cathrine Rysst has a Master´s Degree in Linguistics and Philosophy from King´s College London. She has been a University teacher for several years, in Norway and abroad. She teaches all levels of Norwegian as a second language and is also a certified English teacher.

Daren Sylvester is a former Teacher of English as a second language, with a Master s Degree from the University of Kentucky.